What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is a form of training and counseling. A coach, just like in sports, accompanies and supports someone in setting and achieving his or her goal.
For me, as a psychologist working in my own praxis since 2001, coaching means much more:
I want you to get to know yourself, to realize and accept what defines you in your innermost being, thereby empowering yourself to initiate a personal process of change and transformation.
It is a journey to your core, your true self. On this journey I can accompany and support you.

The process of coaching is similar to the work of a sculptor. You are the sculptor and you are transforming your life into a marvellous piece of art. Sometimes your work starts with a vision, a rough imagination of what your life should be like. At other times you may just feel that something is not how you would like it to be and needs changing. I assist you in your work by offering you a well-trained and experienced external perspective, by asking questions which enhance your perception and vision and by supplying you with new and effective tools. Thus your life, your masterpiece, unfolds: some rough spots are gently smoothened down and the sometimes hidden potentials of your base material, beautiful textures and veins of gold, are softly brought to Light.