Professional Coaching – with a warm Heart and a clear Mind – for a balanced and fulfilled life!

Do you sometimes ask yourself:

What do I really want?
How am I and what am I feeling (if I am really honest with myself)?
Where is my place or path in life?
Where am I blocking myself? What am I not looking at?
How can I feel myself healed and whole?
How can I reach clarity in my life?
How can I break free of patterns and cycles that seem to endlessly repeat themselves in my life?
What is my purpose?
How can I be happier and more content with my life?
How can I change the dynamics of my relationship?
In which way can I deal and live with fear, sadness or loss in a better, more holistic way?

If you wish to create a space in your life for those or similar questions and the search for answers, you are welcome to contact Life Coaching with Karin Krümmel (Master of Psychology and certified Coach).

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Life Coaching can take place in Berlin, via phone or online and in special cases also via email. The Coaching is offered in English or German.

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