Thank you for today´s session Karin.
I am buzzing!

(O., mother and author)

When you plant your garden- no matter if you are just beginning, are right in the middle or almost finished- it is a gift to have someone by your side.
Someone who can point to the corners you painfully neglected, but who can step back to let you transform those dark spots with your own light.
Someone who encourages you to grow these foreign looking, demanding weeds (which strangely carry the most beautiful flowers).
Someone who when it’s getting hard and you think the grass is greener on the other side, reminds you to stick with your heart.
Someone who when you are knee deep in the mud, straightens your back, takes a step back with you and marvels with you at the beauty that has been created.
That someone for me is Karin. Thank you!

(Sybille Paulsen, artist)

I want to thank you for the new impulses, perspectives and realizations regarding life and for being there for me in my sadness at the beginning of the process. I felt myself being in really good hands and really well understood, and after every session I had the feeling of a shimmer of hope at the horizon, even though it wasn’t always easy.
I think you are simply doing an amazing job and I wish that a lot of people who need some help will be accompanied by you for a part of the journey.
Thank you very much for everything.

(K.L., doctor)

Dear Karin,
you rock! I cannot even grasp how lucky I am! It works and it is even fun! Cool. Generally I felt that our last session was amazing. I am trying out a lot of things (being present…) and I am so happy that I found you.

(T.V., business consultant)

Thank you, I think coming to you was the turning point in my life, I will be forever grateful.

(T.E., psychologist)