FAQ about Life Coaching

Is Life Coaching suitable for me?

Basically, it is suitable for everyone.

Coaching is no therapy!
Coaching supports you in what you want to achieve or realize in your life. Coaching focuses on the person that you really are – without disturbing patterns or blockades – and allows your energy to flow freely again for your visions and their actualization.
Coaching can help anyone who has not unfolded his or her full potential yet, who is not leading his or her life with full energy, joy and ease.

How long does Life Coaching take?

Basically, you can stay as long as you want. Life Coaching is individual. Some clients come for 1-3 sessions, others for 10 or longer. Then again some clients come in irregularly over several years.

Does Life Coaching offer more than a good conversation with a friend or my partner?

Coaching is not about merely “talking about something” or receiving some “good advice”.
A part of my job as your coach is to look deeply into your life situation, structures and patterns. As an “independent outsider”, not directly entangled in your situation, I can do that more precisely and together we can reach the place where “a firmly put on handbrake” holds your power and energy back.
My experience has shown that especially unpleasant realizations can be accepted and used for positive change much better with the support of a coach.

Can I bring my partner or anyone else along who is connected to my topic?

Yes, sure.

Can Life Coaching influence me in a negative way?

Every kind of influence can be considered negative or positive and through the process of Life Coaching positively or negatively appraised emotions such as joy, hope, love, sadness, anger or fear can be released and become conscious. The process is always about perceiving and experiencing yourself more fully thereby being able to effect positive change and transformation in your life.
I neither work with advice nor with judgements or manipulation techniques. There is no forcing. It will just happen, what you are inwardly ready for.

Will Life Coaching solve all my problems?

In his book “Beyond Happiness” (Lucia See LLC, Sarasota, Florida 2005), the American psychologist Frank Kinslow writes that “the problem is not the problem” highlighting that a certain situation turns into a problem merely by our perception, emotions and reactions to it. Life Coaching doesn’t solve problems for you. It enables you to see situations more clearly and non-judgementally which in turn leads to a more tranquil reaction and the power to impact on the situation in an integrated and effective way.

Can I approach you with any kind of questions or problems?

Basically, yes. Specifically, we can clarify all kinds of questions in a first chat on the phone.

Any further questions I gladly answer personally.
Just call me +49 – 30-31800510 or send me an