Your Path to Life Coaching

Take the first, and maybe most important, step:

Call me: +49 – 30 – 31 800 510
or send me an e-mail:

Life Coaching sessions are offered in German or English.

Sessions can take place via phone, skype, face time etc. (with or without video) or in my praxis, high above the rooftops of Berlin, on the 14th floor:
Krumme Straße 70
10627 Berlin-Charlottenburg

Coaching in Berlin mit Blick auf den Funkturm - Die Räume/ Bild 1 Coaching in Berlin mit Blick auf den Funkturm- Die Räume/ Bild 2

In my extensive experience, the quality of Life Coaching is unimpeded by the means of communication (face to face, phone, skype etc.).
Just feel free to choose what is the most convenient for you!

In justified cases, Life Coaching can take place in a location of your choice.